A Hidden Gem – Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park looking southeast from playground

Mansfield Park looking southeast from playground

As a long time resident, I know the area pretty darned well, but it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I discovered a hidden asset within the city limits.

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John Scofield – Live at Cornerstone!

John Scofield - Rüsselsheim, Germany on November 10, 2012.

John Scofield – Rüsselsheim, Germany on November 10, 2012.

Casually perusing a Muncie Three Trails concert series promotional the other day, I was shocked to notice legendary jazz guitarist John Scofield in the lineup list. With a few artists that I’m not familiar with scheduled for the summer sessions, John Scofield definitely caught my eye, and what really blew my mind was that his appearance is to be free to the public!

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Cheers for 30 Years!


Being in the breadbasket of America means that no one need go hungry around here, especially on Sunday, April 17th of this year. Celebrating their 30th anniversary, “A Taste of Muncie” demonstrates once again how to eat abundantly well in the heartland.

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Ring a bell?

Virgil Reynolds, Sam Clemmons & Tony Dowell from College Avenue United Methodist Church

Virgil Reynolds, Sam Clemmons & Tony Dowell from College Avenue United Methodist Church

With the Holiday Season approaching yet again, don’t forget to apply as a professional or volunteer bell-ringer. Tomorrow is the last day to apply at the Salvation Army located at 1015 North Wheeling Avenue!

Resources for Local Entrepreneurs

There is a “push” happening in East Central Indiana where several entities have emerged with the sole purpose of providing resources for and promoting local entrepreneurs. Founded in 2002 through a partnership of Ball State University, IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital and the City of Muncie, Innovation Connector offers office space, hi-speed internet connectivity, office machine usage, in an attractive environment, promoting networking with other like-minded entrepreneurs without restricting independence.

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Second Harvest

Second Harvest Food Bank has been servicing East Central Indiana for 32 years by relying on the generosity of others to provide food assistance to those in need.

The “Farm to Food Bank Program”, made possible by association with Feeding Indiana’s Hungry, enables state food banks to buy items from local farmers that generally aren’t donated, providing a major, positive impact.



Second Harvest is in partnership with many local organizations, such as the Purdue University School of Technology, the Flagship Enterprise Center of Anderson, and Old National Bank, but is always looking forward to new partners.

A member of Feeding American national network, Second Harvest distributed 13 million pounds to those in need in 2014.

In addition to charitable donations, other types of assistance is always needed. Find out more about how you can assist at www.curehunger.org/GetInvolved.

The Pioneer Project

Before and after image

Before and after image

Affiliated with the Delaware County Historical Society, the “Pioneer Project” is an annual effort by the Pioneer Cemetery Preservation Committee to clean-up local cemeteries that have fallen into disrepair and abandonment.

The work, by community volunteers, entails the cleaning of markers, the recording of information from those markers, re-setting of markers, the re-building of monuments and general improvement of the grounds.

For information about “Pioneer Project”, click here, for the Facebook page, click here.

Habitat for Humanity

One of the programs delivering the most impact today is Habitat for Humanity. By providing affordable housing for everyone through the combined efforts of community volunteers and donations, Habitat for Humanity is a global organization based on Christian values without proselytizing.

Greater Muncie Habitat for Humanity

The local HFH chapter has established, ReStore, a thrift store that accepts donations for resale with the proceeds going towards the cause.

ReStore Facebook page – MuncieHabitat.

To get involved locally, click here.

Greater Muncie Habitat for Humanity Facebook page – MuncieHabitatReStore.