Opportunity for “Left-Brainers”


PlySpace Residency Program

With artists like Bob Ross and Jim Davis, world-renowned statues such as Daniel Chester French’s Beneficence and Cyrus Edwin Dallin’s Appeal of the Great Spirit, the David Owsley Art Museum founded by the Ball family, as well as top-notch music, dance, and theater venues, the city of Muncie has long displayed its fondness for culture and the arts.

plyspace apply summer 2021

A local initiative over the last couple of years is an artist-residency program created in conjunction with PlySpace. PlySpace offers an Artist-in-Residence program of the Muncie Arts and Culture Council, based in the Emily Kimbrough Historic District in downtown Muncie, Indiana. Read more about it here.

Recently, PlySpace has teamed-up with Seattle based LanDForms Dance to conduct a series of virtual workshops. Read more about that here.

The Arts are Alive and Well in Muncie!