COVID-19 Pandemic in Muncie

homesewn masks

Home sewn masks – image source: Open Door Health Services

It is a testament to the resilience of the citizens of this community having withstood these unprecedented times with courage, stamina, and creativity. Leave it to Munsonians to make “orange juice” when life throws oranges their way, or if it be apples, then “apple sauce.”

Though not the most affected county in the state by far, Delaware County has 238 positive cases of the COVID-19 virus and 21 deaths as of the writing of this post. I think a great deal of credit needs to go to the Delaware County Health Board, whos staff is being extended to its limits over the last 2 months. They have monitored the situation tirelessly and provided quality information to all of us.

The Doctors, Nurses, and all other medical staff of Ball Memorial Hospital, the Open Door Clinic, the Urgent Care facility, Assisted living personnel, as well as local veterinarians and those dedicated to the care of animals, deserve recognition of heroic proportions.

As this wave of the pandemic starts to show a decline in new cases around the country, and soon will in Delaware County as well, it’s important to remember that “this too shall pass.” And when it does, the people of East Central Indiana will truly have a cause for jubilation!