Opportunity for “Left-Brainers”


PlySpace Residency Program

With artists like Bob Ross and Jim Davis, world-renowned statues such as Daniel Chester French’s Beneficence and Cyrus Edwin Dallin’s Appeal of the Great Spirit, the David Owsley Art Museum founded by the Ball family, as well as top-notch music, dance, and theater venues, the city of Muncie has long displayed its fondness for culture and the arts.

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TechPoint Xtern Program

techpoint xtern

A problem plaguing East Central Indiana today, is the retention of it’s educated talent base. The trend is for graduates to move on to larger urban areas such as Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Chicago. ECI is not unique to this phenomenon, as the trend over the last several decades has created a population boom in metropolitan areas all over the US. Initiatives such as Innovation Connector, and Forge Your Path, have been established to create opportunity in the area to address the issue. Now, there is a new “push” in the endeavor, the Xtern program.

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First Thursday

first thursday gallery walk

First Thursday – Gallery Walk

Partake in the first Thursday of each month from 5–8 pm for a gallery walk around DWNTWN Muncie. Watch and learn from local artists as they perform their craft in various DWNTWN shops. Enjoy their company and purchase their unique creations.

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COVID-19 Pandemic in Muncie

homesewn masks

Home sewn masks – image source: Open Door Health Services

It is a testament to the resilience of the citizens of this community having withstood these unprecedented times with courage, stamina, and creativity. Leave it to Munsonians to make “orange juice” when life throws oranges their way, or if it be apples, then “apple sauce.”

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The Bargain Box – Muncie

the bargain box muncie

The Bargain Box – 607 E. Charles St. – Kimbrough Historic District, Muncie

A long-time Muncie thrift store, the Bargain Box in the historic home of Adam Wolfe in the Emily Kimbrough Historic District at 607 East Charles Street, has been the mechanism for the Alpha Chapter of Psi Iota Xi sorority philanthropical endeavors for the benefit of local charities.

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Hometown Radio

On The Air

Before actually moving to Muncie in 1971, one of the most memorable aspects of visiting our relatives here was listening to the radio stations, notably, WERK.

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Flags of Honor

The Exchange Club Of Muncie Turns 96 – Muncie Journal

The annual “Flags of Honor” is currently underway at Minnetrista, continuing until September 11th. Sponsored by the “Exchange Club” Muncie chapter, the organization is now celebrating its 96th year of serving the community.

Visit Minnetrista today and sponsor a flag for $30. Closing ceremonies will be held at 6:00 pm in the Indiana Room on Monday, September 11.

Moving Into Tomorrow

The Future is Arriving at the Speed of Light

With the announcement of four fiber-optic hubs within Delaware County, it appears that the “people in high places” here in the Muncie area are indeed acting on their vision of the future by attracting high-tech businesses.

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