Communal Affairs is a virtual community to inform site visitors of organizations, projects, and programs, aimed towards improving the quality of life for all in the greater Muncie, Indiana, area.

Though showing signs of improvement, these have been tough economic times. The recent recession, second only to the “great depression” in adverse impact, has hit globally in addition to here in “Middletown, U.S.A.”, where the situation over the last ten years has been at times barely tolerable, at best, by a large percentage of the populace. Especially hard hit by being in the “Rust Belt”, Munsonians show admirable resilience through tough times and never let up showing their community spirit. Collectively, these local citizens will weather the “down times” and return, once again, to prosperity and see the “Magic” return to the “Magic City”.

"Appeal to the Great Spirit" -  Cyrus Dallin 1909

“Appeal to the Great Spirit” – Cyrus Dallin 1909