John Scofield – Live at Cornerstone!

John Scofield - Rüsselsheim, Germany on November 10, 2012.

John Scofield – Rüsselsheim, Germany on November 10, 2012.

Casually perusing a Muncie Three Trails concert series promotional the other day, I was shocked to notice legendary jazz guitarist John Scofield in the lineup list. With a few artists that I’m not familiar with scheduled for the summer sessions, John Scofield definitely caught my eye, and what really blew my mind was that his appearance is to be free to the public!

If you’re anything of a jazz aficionado, you’ll consider Scofield among the likes of Pat Matheny, John McLaughlin, and Carlos Santana. He has performed with jazz greats Miles Davis, George Duke and Billy Cobham (just to name a few) and is one of the few left from the “old school” that is still touring.

The concert is scheduled for 7:30 pm on Thursday, October 6th, at the Cornerstone Center for the Arts with special guests yet to be determined. Regardless, I wouldn’t miss this for the world!