The Birth of “GearBox: Muncie”

gear box

According to articles in Muncie Journal and The Star Press, the facility formerly known as the Cintas building has been dubbed GearBox: Muncie – A Maker Hub by Sustainable Muncie Corporation.

The next phase of the endeavor is to begin seeking tenants. State funding has been requested with $2.6 million budgeted for the project and a projected completion date of sometime in 2019.

The vision of the new venture is to allow a space dedicated to the creation of ideas, collaboration of efforts, promotion of innovation and establishment of entrepreneurial networking in skilled crafts.


After several weeks of research and discussion, the new name was decided upon as

…the teeth of the gears can represent the guilds and other organizations…” Michael Wolfe – Board President

The whole idea may seem like a “pipe dream” to many who have seen similar ventures in the past fade away, but it is certainly refreshing to see the continued enthusiasm of those who are tirelessly seeking to move this community forward. I hope it works and would love being a part of this “dream”.

Let’s do this thing!

Source articles: Cintas building is now GearBox, TheMuncieStar 9/17/15 and Community Maker Initiative Gets New Formal Name, MuncieJournal 9/16/15.