Hometown Radio

On The Air

Before actually moving to Muncie in 1971, one of the most memorable aspects of visiting our relatives here was listening to the radio stations, notably, WERK.

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Flags of Honor

The Exchange Club Of Muncie Turns 96 – Muncie Journal

The annual “Flags of Honor” is currently underway at Minnetrista, continuing until September 11th. Sponsored by the “Exchange Club” Muncie chapter, the organization is now celebrating its 96th year of serving the community.

Visit Minnetrista today and sponsor a flag for $30. Closing ceremonies will be held at 6:00 pm in the Indiana Room on Monday, September 11.

Moving Into Tomorrow

The Future is Arriving at the Speed of Light

With the announcement of four fiber-optic hubs within Delaware County, it appears that the “people in high places” here in the Muncie area are indeed acting on their vision of the future by attracting high-tech businesses.

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A Hidden Gem – Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park looking southeast from playground

Mansfield Park looking southeast from playground

As a long time resident, I know the area pretty darned well, but it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I discovered a hidden asset within the city limits.

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John Scofield – Live at Cornerstone!

John Scofield - Rüsselsheim, Germany on November 10, 2012.

John Scofield – Rüsselsheim, Germany on November 10, 2012.

Casually perusing a Muncie Three Trails concert series promotional the other day, I was shocked to notice legendary jazz guitarist John Scofield in the lineup list. With a few artists that I’m not familiar with scheduled for the summer sessions, John Scofield definitely caught my eye, and what really blew my mind was that his appearance is to be free to the public!

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Cheers for 30 Years!


Being in the breadbasket of America means that no one need go hungry around here, especially on Sunday, April 17th of this year. Celebrating their 30th anniversary, “A Taste of Muncie” demonstrates once again how to eat abundantly well in the heartland.

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Ring a bell?

Virgil Reynolds, Sam Clemmons & Tony Dowell from College Avenue United Methodist Church

Virgil Reynolds, Sam Clemmons & Tony Dowell from College Avenue United Methodist Church

With the Holiday Season approaching yet again, don’t forget to apply as a professional or volunteer bell-ringer. Tomorrow is the last day to apply at the Salvation Army located at 1015 North Wheeling Avenue!

The Birth of “GearBox: Muncie”

According to articles in Muncie Journal and The Star Press, the facility formerly known as the Cintas building has been dubbed GearBox: Muncie – A Maker Hub by Sustainable Muncie Corporation.

The next phase of the endeavor is to begin seeking tenants. State funding has been requested with $2.6 million budgeted for the project and a projected completion date of sometime in 2019.

The vision of the new venture is to allow a space dedicated to the creation of ideas, collaboration of efforts, promotion of innovation and establishment of entrepreneurial networking in skilled crafts.


After several weeks of research and discussion, the new name was decided upon as

…the teeth of the gears can represent the guilds and other organizations…” Michael Wolfe – Board President

The whole idea may seem like a “pipe dream” to many who have seen similar ventures in the past fade away, but it is certainly refreshing to see the continued enthusiasm of those who are tirelessly seeking to move this community forward. I hope it works and would love being a part of this “dream”.

Let’s do this thing!

Source articles: Cintas building is now GearBox, TheMuncieStar 9/17/15 and Community Maker Initiative Gets New Formal Name, MuncieJournal 9/16/15.