University of Texas Health Science Center – Houston

Our KPMG project at UTHSC-Houston was a payroll system development using the code generator Transform Logic. Transform Logic was an alternative to the popular code generator TELON but was far more powerful (in my opinion) though it was extremely resource intensive.

In 1997, I took part in 2 phases of the project. The first phase was conducted across the street from M.D. Anderson Hospital and the second in the old Pepsi building by the AstroWorld park.

During the first phase of the project while put up at the Stouffer Hotel Medical Center, I had dinner at a table adjacent to a very distinguished elderly lady who was writing in her journal. I finished my meal and moved to the bar area to watch the rest of a baseball game on the TV when the lady in the dining room proceeded to the lobby elevators to go to her room. As her elevator arrived, the lady was focused on adjusting her hair in the floor to ceiling mirrors and missed the bell. I ran out and pressed the button just in time to prevent the elevator from getting away and said to her “pardon me ma’am, but you about missed your ride.” She looked at me a warm smile and said “why aren’t you a perfect gentleman!” The hotel staff informed me that the lady I assisted was Olivia de Havilland.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Dr. “Red” Duke, a Texas celebrity, while in Houston. Ironically, “Red” had the seat directly in front of me at the Cotton Bowl that year featuring Texas A&M (Duke’s alma mater) and Notre Dame the year Tim Brown (a Dallasite) won the Heisman Trophy.

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