Wintry Déjà Vu, Again

After having a year off, it looks as though a polar vortex will hit the Midwest once again!

Memories of the blizzard of ’78 will always remain vivid in my mind, though the winter we experienced in 2014 seemed to be worse overall. Meteorologists blamed it on a phenomenon referred to as a “Polar Vortex” which affected almost all of the lower 48 states and next week’s forecast is calling for another one.

So far, we’ve been blessed with unusually mild weather here in Indiana, not experiencing the first real taste of winter in early December. In 2014, we had a pleasant Autumn but experienced several heavy snowfalls before Winter was officially started. It then got worse resulting in several school closings through the rest of Winter.

Not sure I’m ready to deal with another 3 to 4 month bout of arctic misery, but here goes!

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