William "Bill" Bock, Jr. – Scholar, Soldier, Christian, True Friend


As Bill and I shook hands on the afternoon of March 11, 2014, his departing words to me were, “Don’t forget about the guy upstairs”. That was the last time I saw him. Bill Bock passed away on March 26 after his cardiac device malfunctioned.

Due to an illness a couple of years ago, Bill developed a heart condition which required a cardiovascular implantable electronic device. He had recently talked of having the device removed because he was feeling stronger and did not wish to live his remaining years dependent upon it. Bill was at peace with the world and prepared for the outcome, even the worst case scenario.

No matter how busy Bill was, he always made time to take an interest in others, showing genuine concern for their welfare. I always sensed in him a quality of “reaching out” to offer a helping hand in any way that he could.

I will miss him dearly in one sense, yet his presence is still felt – as if he is never too far distant.

Steve D.

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