To the Living!

So often in the past, these posts have been regarding the loss of someone.
This one’s about those that are still around.

There’s Barbara Fourthman (nee Adams), Steve Dettman (nee Dettman), John Huff (neighbor), Charles and Charlene (other neighbors), my son Mitchell (but not his mother – yuck!). There’s family in Florida (Jennifer Amburn Hereford), from Alaska and Utah (Kathi Akemon Sanderson and the Jim Murphey branch). I’ve got tons of friends on Linkedin and Facebook, though I do tend to be somewhat on the “loner” side. There’s Jon Woodbridge, Phil Coleman and the Salina, Kansas bunch, and last but certainly not least – Dad!

My Rock

My Rock

This man has endured more than any mortal should have to, and has yet to lose that sense of humor.

I guess when you boil it down, it’s a all a bit a joke!

Love you Dad!

Steve D.

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