There’s this cat, see …

As I wite this, there is a squeaking noise coming from somewhere behind me. The sound is reminiscent of the aviary house at the Cincinnati Zoo where I visited as a 3rd or 4th grader. The source of this sound is a small field mouse that apparently has grown to believe that it is a welcome member of this household. Squeaking because of being partially maimed by, what it believed was it’s new playmate, Dieter the cat (herein referred to as “Gato Diablo”).

Dieter aka 'Gato Diablo' - (Felis Catus Domestica)

Dieter aka ‘Gato Diablo’ – (Felis Catus Domestica)

You see, “Gato Diablo” has a modus operandi, which begins with the toying of the subject (field mouse in this case). Gato then proceeds directly to “the end game” after all of the prey’s mobility has been thwarted.  This case is a special example because the victim retained enough agility to escape to a safe haven. This would explain the agonizing cries (in mousespeak) of the poor animal. Now I will retrieve this small creature and either:

  • Evict the mouse to the outer premises of the property’
  • Terminate it’s longevity thereby putting it out of it’s misery’
  • Present it to El Gato for continuing activity.

As for the present moment, I will procrastinate by focusing on this freestyle prose.

Okay, my mind is made up.  I choose option 4, none of the above. I will simply set a mouse trap in the general vicinity of the squeaks and let fate run it’s course.

Just another day in the life of …

Steve D.

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