The Best Cat Ever!

Dieter "Gato Diablo"   2002 - 2014

Dieter “Gato Diablo”
2002 – 2014

Visiting Muncie from Dallas in the summer of 2002, I had to deal with Dad and his wife’s assortment of cats, one of which was a tiny kitten named “Dieter”. Dieter was a feisty little critter that would wreak havoc on the other sophisticated cats (sophicsticats), and drive everybody and every other cat nuts – except Dad. On the morning of my departure, I rose early and proceeded to the bathroom to get ready. Closing the door behind me was difficult until I realized the tiny Dieter was scrunched in the door trying to follow me in. Dieter almost met his fate that morning in 2002, little more than several weeks old.

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El Gato Diablo

Herein is a slideshow capturing some of the playful antics of a typical ‘felis catus domestica’, commonly referred to as ‘domestic house cat’. This particular model, a 2002 Tabby, is named Dieter (Pronunciation: /ˈdī-tər/). Dieter’s aliases include ‘Gato Diablo’ and ‘The Chippie Maimer’. This slideshow contains rare, never before published, action images of the infamous “Gato” in his habitat. At the time of the creation of these photographs, Dieter and I (the author) were relatively the same age using the age-old ratio of seven pet years to one human year. As of the creation of this post, he has aged about fourteen years to my two. There is a noticeable change in Dieter as his gait is now slower, his energy level has dropped, he doesn’t seem to possess the sure-footed qualities he once proudly flaunted and he sleeps perpetually.

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There’s this cat, see …

As I wite this, there is a squeaking noise coming from somewhere behind me. The sound is reminiscent of the aviary house at the Cincinnati Zoo where I visited as a 3rd or 4th grader. The source of this sound is a small field mouse that apparently has grown to believe that it is a welcome member of this household. Squeaking because of being partially maimed by, what it believed was it’s new playmate, Dieter the cat (herein referred to as “Gato Diablo”).

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