My Best Reads of 2012

For the second straight year I took part in the reading challenge, missing my goal of 24 books by 1. Of the 23 that I did read, the following are the best:

Best of 2012

Best of 2012

It was quite a year for good reading. Now I look forward to the 2013 challenge.

Steve D.

El Gato Diablo

Herein is a slideshow capturing some of the playful antics of a typical ‘felis catus domestica’, commonly referred to as ‘domestic house cat’. This particular model, a 2002 Tabby, is named Dieter (Pronunciation: /ˈdī-tər/). Dieter’s aliases include ‘Gato Diablo’ and ‘The Chippie Maimer’. This slideshow contains rare, never before published, action images of the infamous “Gato” in his habitat. At the time of the creation of these photographs, Dieter and I (the author) were relatively the same age using the age-old ratio of seven pet years to one human year. As of the creation of this post, he has aged about fourteen years to my two. There is a noticeable change in Dieter as his gait is now slower, his energy level has dropped, he doesn’t seem to possess the sure-footed qualities he once proudly flaunted and he sleeps perpetually.

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Dinner on the Green

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"Chip Davis' Day Parts: Dinner"

“Chip Davis’ Day Parts: Dinner”

Elegant candlelit dinner for two, early evening, late summer, a lake with swans to one side, an English manor on the opposite, surrounded by lush tall trees and a few weeping willows – this would be in that playlist;

 John Archer – Dinner on the Green


Menu Suggestions:

La vie est belle!

Steve D.