Chicago, America’s Biggest Small Town

Being from Muncie, once labeled “Little Chicago” for the mobsters that would hang out there in the 1920s and 1830s due to it’s proximity to the “City of Big Shoulders” yet also because of its distance from it, I would visit the “Windy City” from time to time during the warmer months. It wasn’t until 1988, long after moving to Texas, that I experienced the winter months there.

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Lunch at Eva’s

Left to right, Tony Dowell, Larry Souders, Leroy Kircher, Steve Dowell

Left to right, Tony Dowell, Larry Souders, Leroy Kircher, Steve Dowell

A couple of weeks ago, Dad, Larry, Leroy and I met for lunch (breakfast) at Eva’s. A complete stranger from another table volunteered, on his own initiative, to take these photos. Dad, Larry and Leroy are Phi Psi fraternity brothers from Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana, dating back to prehistoric times. They seem to be aging pretty well.

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“King’s Arms Tavern” Peanut Soup

Today’s entree is
– King’s Arms Tavern Peanut Soup.

“King’s Arms Tavern” is a nationally renowned establishment in Williamsburg, Virginia, often frequented by our country’s founding father, George Washington. The peanut soup is a legendary treat.

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Dinner on the Green

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"Chip Davis' Day Parts: Dinner"

“Chip Davis’ Day Parts: Dinner”

Elegant candlelit dinner for two, early evening, late summer, a lake with swans to one side, an English manor on the opposite, surrounded by lush tall trees and a few weeping willows – this would be in that playlist;

 John Archer – Dinner on the Green


Menu Suggestions:

La vie est belle!

Steve D.