State of the World – May, 2022

Being that this is my personal blog, I’m not restricted by Facebook, Twitter, governmental regulations, or anything! This is my right to “free speech” as written in the Constitution of the United States of America!

First of all, I wish to congratulate the defenders of Ukraine! They have put up one hell of a fight – puts “the Alamo” to shame (if you know the entire truth about the Alamo!)

Maybe my facts, as I know them aren’t correct, but I believe General George S. Patton had the right idea about Russia, when he wanted to continue the war effort while the U.S. was mobilized, into Russia at that time! By the way, it’s nearly certain now, that Patton did not die in a “traffic accident!” He was “rubbed out!”

Also, Putin is a shrewd S.O.B., I would imagine, that these first 3 months of his offensive into Ukraine, might be just to test the resolve of the resistance! Ukraine, and most of the western world, likes to claim that “we are winning!” But, I feel that we are playing into his hand, by taking that attitude.

I still believe, that Putin needs to be removed from the rota of “the living”, and his henchmen as well!

God Bless us All!

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