Reliving Autumn of 1985

Back in December of 2019, I was contacted by Chris, who along with his wife, both from Muncie, have put together a podcast series on unsolved Indiana homicides in the central region of the state. The title of the Series is “Circle City Crime” and it is now in its second season.

Though I told Chris that I believed in he and his wife’s endeavor, I would not be able to speak with him until the first of the year. By January, however, I found that the episodes concerning Kim and Ethan had already commenced. Keeping up with recent episodes as they come out, I saw that there was an interview with my Father, which I immediately listened to. All of the things Dad said are simply repeats of the so much dialogue we’ve shared over the years since the tragedy, and unfortunately, nothing news shattering has come to light as a result of it.

Listen to “2:5 Speaking with Tony Dowell” on Spreaker.

I do applaud Dad for making the effort to take part in the production, which showed a great deal of fortitude on his part to keep this investigation alive and hopefully, find justice.

An Image Worth More than a Thousand Words

kim procession
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