My NFL Quandry

When I was a youngster and the Super Bowl was still a new experiment, the Minnesota Vikings were my favorite team. They seemed unbeatable, had admirable players and the coolest uniforms. I remember how surprised and disappointed I was to see them lose Super Bowl IV to the AFL champion Kansas City Chiefs.

Upon moving back to our family hub center in Muncie, Indiana in the early 1970s, I soon became an avid Chicago Bears fan for a variety of reasons – they represented the region a little more than the Cincinnati Bengals, the popular book about Brian Piccolo and the accompanying movie “Brian’s Song”, but mainly because of the ferocity of feared linebacker Dick Butkus.

After college, I headed to Dallas. As I was flying out of Indianapolis Weir Cook Airport, I looked down to witness the inflation of the new Hoosier Dome, as the Colts had made a break from their long time fan base in Baltimore under cover of darkness to make their new home in Indy. I was not terribly impressed at the time but had my sights on new horizons.

You could not exist in Big “D” in those days without co-mingling with at least a few pro athletes. By 1986, I had moved into an apartment on the advice of a good friend in Valley Ranch, directly across the street from the Dallas Cowboys Professional Football Complex. Being in regular contact with many of the players of the era, I could not help but feel an integral part of the Dallas Cowboy’s Football franchise.

By the time I made my return to Indiana in December of 2006, the Indianapolis Colt’s were enjoying great success and had built their own dynasty under the leadership of the great quarterback Peyton Manning.

Though the Colt’s have not been quite the elite team they were during the Manning years, they are still a formidable presence in the league with quarterback Andrew Luck.

In the years since my return to east central Indiana, my loyalty to the Colt’s has grown immensely, though I still harbor misgivings about their manner of leaving their Baltimore followers in the early 1980s.

Now, the Dallas Cowboys are showing promise once again after having mediocre seasons since my departure from there.

With the success of the ‘Boys in this 2014 season, I feel my loyalty rise once again. I feel torn!

Sheesh! What’s a fan to do?

Should I have stayed a Vikings fan or Bears fan? I guess I’ll just back them all until they play each other and root for the favorite, or the underdog – doh!

Steve D.
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