Looking Forward to 2021!

With all of the craziness we’ve experienced over the last year, soon to be “topped-off” by the upcoming election, how nice it will be to get 2020 “in the books!”

I don’t know who’ll be sworn-in this coming January, but whoever it is will surely have a “full-plate” to contend with. Probably the most chaotic agenda for a US President to confront since the days of FDR (the Great Depression and World War II) in the 1930s!


The “New Normal”

First of all, we need to conquer the virus, or at least get it under control. Then comes the task of revitalizing the economy, which will undoubtedly take generations. As a result of this pandemic, many traditions will most-likely be altered from here on out, like shaking hands, hugging friends and loved-ones, and entering “personal space.”

It will also serve to spur on the virtual world of technology, in fact, it already has! Many changes in how we conduct our lives day-to-day will be coming about as a result.

election 2020

Tough Road Ahead

I feel nearly 100% confident that once the COVID-19 situation abates, business and the economy, in general, will soar to unseen levels!

Can’t wait to see it happen! That is, as long as I can survive until then!

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