Little Giants Rule – November 2011

Across the field from the opponents

Across the field from the opponents

Earlier this Fall, Dad and I ventured to C’ville for the Homecoming matchup between his Alma Mater Wabash and Kenyon College which turned into an extremely lopsided event in favor of the Little Giants. We left at the beginning of the second half when the score was 42 – 0 (or close) and found out the final score was not much different from that. We instead took advantage of the gorgeous Indiana autumn Saturday to traverse his old haunts on the Wabash campus. If only I would have remembered to bring the camera!

When Dad, his longtime buddies Larry, Leroy, and I made a return visit to Crawfordsville for the first round of the division III playoffs in November, the final score ended about the same as it had at the homecoming game. However, this time I brought along the camera. Unfortunately, the weather was a typical, gray, Indiana post-autumn (winter) day, therefore, I settled for just these 3 shots.

The Wabash Little Giants have a long standing tradition of being tops in the nation in division III football, and 2011 beheld another successful season for them as they were, yet again, undefeated through the regular season. They finally faced undefeated Mount Union for a berth in the championship game where Wabash suffered their first loss of the season. Mount Union has been in the national division III championship for the last eight consecutive years, and have won the championship ten times since 1993.

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