Like Pulling Teeth

A few days ago, I had to finally make the dreaded trip to the dentist for something that I have been avoiding for a while, decades actually. I ventured to the local dentist to have not one, but two teeth extracted – my first experience in the procedure.

The first part of the process involved taking a digital x-ray snapshot of the affected area, which was in itself a little traumatic given the size of the device jammed into my jaw. When they got the device situated, they then told me to “bite down” which was almost entirely physically impossible. The image came back almost instantly and the next mortifying event was when the Dentist and his assistance moaned and oohed and aahed at the xray of the area of the extraction.

As the dental team then dove into the recesses of my oral cavity with their collection of devious and sinister looking apparati, the vision of an old W.C. Fields film entered my mind, immediately invoking a soothing effect on the experience and putting everything into humorous perspective.

All things considered, I’d rather be unconscious… ” – Anonymous
Steve D.
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