El Gato Diablo

Herein is a slideshow capturing some of the playful antics of a typical ‘felis catus domestica’, commonly referred to as ‘domestic house cat’. This particular model, a 2002 Tabby, is named Dieter (Pronunciation: /ˈdī-tər/). Dieter’s aliases include ‘Gato Diablo’ and ‘The Chippie Maimer’. This slideshow contains rare, never before published, action images of the infamous “Gato” in his habitat. At the time of the creation of these photographs, Dieter and I (the author) were relatively the same age using the age-old ratio of seven pet years to one human year. As of the creation of this post, he has aged about fourteen years to my two. There is a noticeable change in Dieter as his gait is now slower, his energy level has dropped, he doesn’t seem to possess the sure-footed qualities he once proudly flaunted and he sleeps perpetually.

[flagallery gid=6 playlist=Dieter-Music]

After proof-reading my blog posts of late, it is painfully obvious that both Dieter, the felis catus, and myself, the humanoid, are showing considerable signs of middle age.

One trait that has not changed through the years is Dieters dislike of thunderstorms. There have been times that I heard a growling noise in the house thinking there was a dog loose in it. It turns out to be Dieter expressing his dis-approval of the weather conditions and at times getting downright mad at Mother Nature.

Steve D.

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