Little Giants Rule! Again!

Wabash Homecoming 2013Another trip with Dad to Crawfordsville for his alma mater’s annual homecoming weekend! This year the victim was Denison University (formerly Denison College of Ohio). We left at halftime as the Little Giants led 30 to 0 at the half. As we were walking through the campus on our way out, the fans cheered loudly, twice, meaning that Wabash must have scored a couple of times on our way out (Denison with a faithful few followers). I took some prolific photos of the Wabash campus and the General Lew Wallace studio museum, the weather being absolutely perfect!

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Mark Knopfler & James Taylor; Sailing to Philadelphia

This song by a couple of well-worn, old music legends (one a little older than the other) is based upon the endeavor of two Englishmen, surveyor Jeremiah Dixon and astronomer Charles Mason, assigned by the Royal Society at the request of colonial governments, to establish a border between Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia in the 1760s that became known as the Mason-Dixon Line. By the 1820s, the Mason-Dixon Line had come to denote the border between all Northern and Southern states east of the Mississippi River.

Sailing to Philadelphia, is Mark Knopfler’s second solo album and features in addition to James Taylor, Van Morrison.

Steve D.

Is BlackBerry on the Ropes?

When I visited Muncie from Texas in the summer of 2002, I ventured into an electronics store near the Muncie Mall. Looking through their selection of PDAs and smartphones, a salesman asked if he could help me find something. I asked where to find their BlackBerry devices and he had never heard of BlackBerry devices! At that time, BlackBerry was the sole choice of business professionals, at least in the DFW area, and it’s no secret that “Middletown, U.S.A.” may be more than a little behind the times.

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