Demonstration – Twenty-Twelve Style


The blackout began promptly on the 8th of January, as Wikipedia put up their full-page banner advocating American citizens to appeal to their local Congressmen and Senators against the enactment of the SOPA and PIPA bills. Wikipedia will be accompanied by Reddit and a host of other large internet entities participating in the blackout for the entire day.

Google will participate not by actually blacking out their service for the day but by blacking out their daily banner as its sign of lobbying against the government’s acts. What other cyber-heavyweights (Facebook, Twitter, Mozilla, Craigslist, WordPress to name a few) intend to do this day remain to be seen.

As an avid daily user of the cyber-net, it may just do me some good to take a day off from the online rat-race. I’m pretty sure it will be back in full force by Thursday.”

See y’all Thursday!

Steve D.