My NFL Quandry

When I was a youngster and the Super Bowl was still a new experiment, the Minnesota Vikings were my favorite team. They seemed unbeatable, had admirable players and the coolest uniforms. I remember how surprised and disappointed I was to see them lose Super Bowl IV to the AFL champion Kansas City Chiefs.

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The Best Cat Ever!

Dieter "Gato Diablo"   2002 - 2014

Dieter “Gato Diablo”
2002 – 2014

Visiting Muncie from Dallas in the summer of 2002, I had to deal with Dad and his wife’s assortment of cats, one of which was a tiny kitten named “Dieter”. Dieter was a feisty little critter that would wreak havoc on the other sophisticated cats (sophicsticats), and drive everybody and every other cat nuts – except Dad. On the morning of my departure, I rose early and proceeded to the bathroom to get ready. Closing the door behind me was difficult until I realized the tiny Dieter was scrunched in the door trying to follow me in. Dieter almost met his fate that morning in 2002, little more than several weeks old.

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Grammar Refresher

As Dad, Steve Dettman and I were enjoying breakfast at Eva’s last Saturday morning, my High School English teacher entered the diner with her husband, the retired school district superintendent, and their two sons who had arrived in town for Easter. She spotted me right away and walked over and gave me a big hug, making me feel like I was her class pet though it’s been over three decades since I sat in her class. Out of the blue, Dad mentioned to her that he and I had “attended the previous night’s Good Friday service” and then something about “still trying to get me to understand the difference in the usage of the words lay versus lie.”

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