10 Common Causes of Failure

Back in my college days, I read Og Mandino’s book University of Success, which served as such an inspiration that I would refer to it from time to time throughout my professional career. The book is a series of “lessons”, but the one that most inspired me was Lesson 5.

We have found the enemy and they are us.”
– Walt Kelly, creator of comic strip Pogo
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The Starling – A Bird that it’s Okay to Hate


European Starling “Sturnus Vulgaris”

Every Spring when the birds begin to revitalize following several weeks or even months of old man Winter, it never fails that at least one will attempt to domicile in the area next to my window air-conditioning unit. As my desk sits next to that window, I have to bang on the accordion side-panel of the unit with my flashlight to ward them off. Until this year!

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Forty Years of “Gravy”

On July 14, 1979, I turned my 1975 Monte Carlo into an El Camino, instantly.  I also managed to push the ball of my femur through the back of its socket. Basically, I broke my hip, the largest joint in the human body. Some describe the pain of a broken hip as comparable to that of birthing a child. Having had no way of verifying that, I just took their word for it. By the way, it was painful enough to make those analogies seem valid.

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