Every weblog seems to develop it’s own atmosphere or motif, in style, spirit
and content, as it grows. It can become focused on certain topics such as technology, celebrity news, sports, or anything for that matter, far from the original intent at the time of it’s creation.

Of all of the blogs I’ve maintained over the past several years, this is my special one. It’s where I write my inner-most personal thoughts, keep my private and intimate memoirs, expound upon topics of personal interest, occasionally leak out impulsive inspirations of creativity and post on subjects that may seem important at the time. It also happens to be my first truly self-hosted weblog, created within the confines of my own domain, as opposed to being “farmed out” through a Google, Tumblr, or other blogging service, social site or content management system software as a service (SaaS).

I’ve organized the content with simplicity in mind, attempting to eliminate any unneeded “bells and whistles” and keep a light “footprint”. Periodically, I cull out posts based on sustained interest to visitors over the long term.

Please feel free to interact by leaving comments within posts, social sharing, or connect using the contact form or via email.

Thanks for visiting!

Steve D.