My Trumpster Solution

It seems Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are on the same drugs!

Since Trump has lauded Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, even calling the move “genius”, I believe the US government should seize the Mar-a-Lago, and other Trump assets (if there are any others that are truly soluble), as partial reparation for the huge moral and criminal damage that man has done to this country.

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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire – and There is a Lot of Smoke

My Father is now in his 80s, and has lived through only two more US presidencies than I have, FDR and Truman. This upcoming election has me in a quandary. I don’t and never did like Donald Trump, but don’t know enough about Joseph Biden to make a sound decision on my vote next month! All I know is, I’ve lived through a dozen changes of the guard and have never been this uncertain about the direction this country is heading!

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

In regards to his recent strong statements in response to threats made by the government of North Korea, Donald Trump’s motives are transparent. It’s blatantly obvious that the escalation of tensions between North Korea and the White House provides a golden opportunity for the President to shift the focus of the media from the strife that’s been haranguing his administration since first taking office 6 months ago. Though this “opportunity” may explain the “trigger happy” demeanor of Trump’s retorts, the North Korean problem is indeed a very real one and needs to be carefully dealt with using tact and diplomacy.

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A Shot in the Arm to the tune of $54 Bs

With President Donald Trump proposing a $54 billion increase in defense spending, what will be cut to offset this exorbitant cost? Federal agency spending, that’s what!

Foreign aid cuts don’t bother me too much, but dissolving domestic programs certainly gets my goat, especially in regards to the impact on my own baby-boomer generation. Will social security even exist when I’m finally eligible to access it?

Granted, upgrading weapons guidance and control systems still unchanged from the 1960s, may seem somewhat justifiable, but the United States already has by far the most powerful military in the world. If you already have a double-barreled, full-choke 12-gauge to protect your household, why buy a sophisticated rocket launcher or even an expensive Ithaca Perazzi? Those funds should be used to raise the salaries of school teachers, police officers and emergency medical technicians. They would be better spent providing basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter and health care to the aging as well as those with infirmities and incapacities.

The Trump administration first appeared to demonstrate an agenda centered on quelling the unrest that has plagued this country for many years now, as evidenced by his desire to cut unnecessary programs, restructure health care, and delineate boundaries (even to the extent of building physical walls), to prevent outside interference. Now he plans to divert the funding that would enable efforts toward internal improvement.

Basically, instead of cutting expenditures for frivolous programs, which appeared to be his initial intention at the beginning of his office, he merely wishes to “rob Peter to pay Paul”, and of course, this is not surprising at all being that our new President absolutely epitomizes capitalism in its purest form.

Folks, I’m definitely getting too old for this!

Donald Trump means Business

Our new President is the epitome of classic American capitalism. This country, the greatest in the history of mankind, is built upon opportunity and Donald Trump has clearly demonstrated his capacity for excelling in that realm. Trump is impulsive, for sure, but his drive and energy will surely transcend the walls of the Oval Office into the hearts of America.

One of the top issues on Trumps agenda is to set up boundaries, which needed to be done. Walls need to be imposed (not necessarily physical ones but implied ones) in order to focus on our own internal strife. It is high time we do that. It will piss-off many, but being a pure businessman, he is prepared to handle opposition. He wouldn’t be the first on this either, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (also a New Yorker) was isolationist until December 7, 1941.

In order for this master to do his work, we must refrain from detracting him from his visions and goals and allow him to do what he does best, which doesn’t mean we should turn our eyes – trust but verify. If the man can excell for himself and his family with the remarkable temerity which he has displayed, why not let him utilize his talents for the benefit of all Americans?

His intensity displayed on first days of his office is commendable, I think. Let’s just hope he doesn’t let up.

Let us embrace the future and refrain from fighting progress, for it is here and now.

President Trump, I’m behind you 100%! Let’s get on with it!