My Trumpster Solution

It seems Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are on the same drugs!

Since Trump has lauded Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, even calling the move “genius”, I believe the US government should seize the Mar-a-Lago, and other Trump assets (if there are any others that are truly soluble), as partial reparation for the huge moral and criminal damage that man has done to this country.

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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire – and There is a Lot of Smoke

My Father is now in his 80s, and has lived through only two more US presidencies than I have, FDR and Truman. This upcoming election has me in a quandary. I don’t and never did like Donald Trump, but don’t know enough about Joseph Biden to make a sound decision on my vote next month! All I know is, I’ve lived through a dozen changes of the guard and have never been this uncertain about the direction this country is heading!

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