A Shot in the Arm to the tune of $54 Bs

With President Donald Trump proposing a $54 billion increase in defense spending, what will be cut to offset this exorbitant cost? Federal agency spending, that’s what!

Foreign aid cuts don’t bother me too much, but dissolving domestic programs certainly gets my goat, especially in regards to the impact on my own baby-boomer generation. Will social security even exist when I’m finally eligible to access it?

Granted, upgrading weapons guidance and control systems still unchanged from the 1960s, may seem somewhat justifiable, but the United States already has by far the most powerful military in the world. If you already have a double-barreled, full-choke 12-gauge to protect your household, why buy a sophisticated rocket launcher or even an expensive Ithaca Perazzi? Those funds should be used to raise the salaries of school teachers, police officers and emergency medical technicians. They would be better spent providing basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter and health care to the aging as well as those with infirmities and incapacities.

The Trump administration first appeared to demonstrate an agenda centered on quelling the unrest that has plagued this country for many years now, as evidenced by his desire to cut unnecessary programs, restructure health care, and delineate boundaries (even to the extent of building physical walls), to prevent outside interference. Now he plans to divert the funding that would enable efforts toward internal improvement.

Basically, instead of cutting expenditures for frivolous programs, which appeared to be his initial intention at the beginning of his office, he merely wishes to “rob Peter to pay Paul”, and of course, this is not surprising at all being that our new President absolutely epitomizes capitalism in its purest form.

Folks, I’m definitely getting too old for this!