Of the People, By the People, and For the Scoundrels

With the state of the nation as a whole in the worst predicament in the majority of our lifetimes, our government has FINALLY decided to get proactive in providing much-needed additional support through the current coronavirus emergency. But is the benefit of the people the motivating factor? Au contraire!

It seems our Senators and Representatives, the vital cogs that really make things happen, are only contiguously active for a couple to a few short weeks all year long. That’s even without a crisis underway! They go on recess for at least as long and seemingly longer than they attend their stations to perform the necessary duties to keep this country functioning. And with another “government shut-down” looming, the incentive to “rush through” the latest stimulus package is clear.

in session
(Rare photo) – In full session. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

These people in our government are chiefly concerned about keeping their high-paying (over-paid to be exact), hedonistic lifestyles up and running (of which there is plenty of transparency), but piggy-backing a few “perks” to possibly aide the ailing economy! I call it “collateral benefits!”

I’ve been a Republican all my life by tradition, and a supporter of the fundamentals of capitalism that are the basis for the operation of this country. However, times have changed to the point that the way things are today were totally unforeseen and unpredicted by our founding fathers. Even the term “Party” should be stricken from government nomenclature, as this is no time for celebration!

It’s high time for a shift in our government towards a fundamentally different philosophy, including the establishment of a new party of “non-partisans!” A party that is not out to “one-up” the Republicans or the Democrats and with the welfare of the nation as the primary goal. The current arrangement is obviously not working as intended and hasn’t for decades.

motley crew
A motley crew. (Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images)

The concept of “partisanship” at all, was not written into the original framework of our nation. Greatly admonished by the Founding Father himself, the party system came along after George Washington’s term. It was Alexander Hamilton’s Federalists vying with Thomas Jefferson’s Anti-Federalists that caused party division to emerge. The basis being the argument for central authority over states’ rights. That disagreement has long been settled with the adoption of our Constitution and put to final rest with a civil war.

We now desperately need a collective force (or “party” if you will) with the “people” in mind, not the individual party!

recess time
Whew! That was a tough one! Time for recess! (Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images)