Internet News: One Click Away from Pure Caca

Has anyone else noticed that when you click on Google News, any link sends you into an abyss of “fake news” or various and assorted other crap sites? Certainly you have!

Sure, there’s bound to be something that will grab your attention. And if, heaven forbid, you click on a link, you wind up on a site that sends you into a “slideshow” where you have to keep clicking to get through it. This is obviously a ploy to drive up CPM value for generating ad revenue.

The internet used to be informative and useful. Now, 1% of the content, at best, is relevant to anything worthwhile, the rest is nothing but a quagmire of ignorance. Television is as bad or even worse, as it has been for decades!

Real Bullshit

What has the world finally come to? Constant robocalls, ceaseless SPAM emails, un-ending ads no matter where your eyes turn! There is just no end to the bullshit!