Daily Violence is the New Norm

Rarely a day goes by these days where there is not a tragic act of violence in the news, usually involving guns, somewhere within the United States of America. I had a workmate update me yesterday on the circumstances of a particular multiple shooting that took place recently and I could not even place the event nor where it took place, though I vaguely had some recollection of it. These incidents are so commonplace anymore that they are all getting mixed up and convoluted to the point where citizens can’t even pay their respects for the victims of a recent tragedy before a brand new incident takes place.

These horrific events don’t even seem to warrant being headlines anymore but have now moved “below the fold” in the traditional press. They do get quick passing notice as Tweets, which by the very nature of Twitter, have a short attention span and are limited to only a few characters of explanation. In fact, Twitter is how I remain current on most events as they occur these days – it’s how I learned of the fate of Bin Laden before anybody around me did just a few years ago.

The problem is obvious but the reasons are not, let alone the remedy. What is wrong with the world today? People are angry at the injustices incurred by their fellow human but they fail to acknowledge the advances that have transpired, such as in technology and medicine for instance. We, as a people, need to be thankful for the progress we’ve made as a race. At least our life expectancy is no longer cut short due to the black plague, consumption, or even the common cold. One major problem, at least in the U.S. of A., is that the quality of general education has declined to the point that the typical citizen has lost sight of the history of the plight of our race, or worse, may never have been made aware of it. Take a look at the typical American youth a century ago – the entrance examination they were required to pass just to get into High School would stymy most College graduates today! If you some would like some background as to what I’m referring to, just Google “early 1900s high school entrance exam”!

Granted, violence amongst humans is no new phenomenon, it has been taking place since first recorded in the Cain versus Abel verses, but it is either becoming more common, more in the media’s eye. or perhaps both.

Sometime in the very near future, citizens will not only need to be armed to the teeth at all times but adorning suits of kevlar as well. I can’t take much more. I think I’m going to Katmandu!